Learn about the Seattle Squeeze.

The Seattle Squeeze is far from over.

Seattle Squeeze – that’s our term for the period of transition Seattle faces in the next five years to meet the needs of our growing city.

Seattle Squeeze Fact Sheet – find all of the info you need to know about the Seattle Squeeze.

Seattle Squeeze Postcard – print and share with your friends!

Here’s how we’re preparing:

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Everyone traveling to and through Seattle must find ways to shift their commutes to work or school, their appointments, and their trips running simple errands.


  • Come in earlier or later. Most people commute in the morning between 7-9 AM, and in the afternoon between 3-6 PM. Talk to your boss about changing the hours you work.
  • Leave your car at home. Try biking, walking, carpool, vanpool, or public transit.
  • Give yourself extra travel time. Traffic will be slower and will last longer throughout the day.
  • Tell us your questions and ideas. We are here to help!

Tools to Get Around



This will all be worth it.

We’re reconnecting our downtown with our waterfront – and building 20 acres of public spaces for all who call Seattle home.

Sound Transit’s Link light rail expansions will provide fast, predictable service to downtown from communities in the north and on the Eastside.

The new SR 99 tunnel opened in early February, providing a direct route from the stadiums to South Lake Union. WSDOT crews will continue working to take down the viaduct, fill in the Battery Street Tunnel, and reconnect the north surface streets around the north SR 99 tunnel portal.

Meanwhile, downtown remains open for business! Come visit, shop, dine, and play as our city works to connect communities to downtown with fast, regular service and to create the public spaces our growing region needs.

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