Alaskan Way is open during construction—come check us out!

What’s happening?

As we prepare for the start of SR 99 tolling on November 9, we are working with the Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects to keep Alaskan Way open and accessible to drivers and pedestrians. This coordination is all part of the #SeattleSqueeze and all our partners are working together to make travel as smooth as possible.

Now that viaduct removal is nearly complete, the Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects can start building a new Alaskan Way in the footprint of the former viaduct. This is the start of an exciting new phase for our waterfront and brings us one step closer to new parkspaths and east-west connections.

Construction starts this week, with major utility work beginning between S. King and Marion streets, including replacing a mainline sewer that is nearly 20 feet deep and under water, replacing electrical duct banks and installing a new storm drainage system.

Come and visit!

The waterfront is open during construction, including two lanes in each direction on existing Alaskan Way during all peak hours of the day. For those walking or rolling to their destination, the City and our partners have reopened pedestrian routes near Colman Dock.

People walking on a sidewalk during construction
Washington State Ferries has reopened the west sidewalk near Colman Dock.

Other pedestrian crossings east-west and north-south paths will remain open. The waterfront is open to all, including all modes of travel, businesses and residences. We will monitor signals and crossings, including pedestrian crossings and Alaskan Way traffic volumes and will make signal timing adjustments as needed.

Construction animation
The Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects is focused on keeping sight lines clear and pedestrian routes open.

What’s next?

While construction is happening in some locations, other areas are about to reopen. Upcoming milestones in early 2020 include opening Columbia Street to transit service and opening the newly rebuilt Pier 62 to the public.

Aerial view of Pier 62
An aerial view of Pier 62.

Pier 62 reopens in early 2020 as a flexible park space, complete with great views, a new floating dock, and increased light to nearshore salmon habitat.

Looking ahead, new transit-only lanes will open on Alaskan Way in late 2021 between S. King and Columbia streets, completing the connection to 3rd Avenue for thousands of transit riders. The entire Waterfront Seattle Program will be complete in 2024. Learn more about Waterfront Seattle.