Our vision to creating a smoother commute for you.

Reducing drive‐alone trips downtown.

We have made many improvements so that you can get downtown and back efficiently. We’ve added new bike facilities, dedicated bus lanes, scooter share options, Stay Healthy Streets and made other improvements to make it easier to choose an alternative to driving alone. When you walk, bike, roll, scoot, or take transit, you free up precious road space and help everyone get where they need to be faster.

Managing construction projects in the public right‐of‐way.

We’re working to sequence construction projects and mitigate impacts to increase accessibility and decrease traffic interruptions. Keeping the public right of way clear for people walking, biking, taking transit, or using other modes of transportation is important to maintaining safety and mobility as we navigate the new normal.

Monitoring and managing real‐time transportation and traffic operations.

We monitor our transportation system closely and make adjustments in real time to traffic signals and traffic lanes so we can safely get people and goods where they need to go.

Improving transit reliability and efficiency.

We want to ensure that transit is the most convenient way for commuters to get downtown. Thus, we’re striving to provide reliable all-day and peak-commute service to support the region’s economy and well-being.

We’re working together. For you.

The City of Seattle, Washington State Department of Transportation, King County Metro, Sound Transit, and the Port of Seattle are working together to keep people and goods moving safely. We’re working around the clock to help you prepare and navigate any construction impacts while keeping you informed so you can plan accordingly.