Managing construction projects in the public right‐of‐way.

We’re working to sequence construction projects and mitigate impacts to increase accessibility and decrease traffic interruptions. Keeping the public right of way clear for people walking, biking, taking transit, or using other modes of transportation is important to maintaining safety and mobility during the Seattle Squeeze.

What we’ve done

  • We limited new work permits and temporarily revoked some permits on key streets during the SR 99 closure to keep sidewalks and streets clear for people moving to and through downtown
  • We increased enforcement at key intersections and in transit-only lanes to keep traffic moving safely

What we’re doing now

  • We’re conducting and assessing the Goods Morning Delivery pilot project
  • We’re proactively managing schedules of construction projects to minimize impacts to downtown rights‐of‐way, focusing specifically on keeping bus‐only lanes clear
  • We’re assessing our organized rideshare passenger pick‐up/drop‐off pilot