March 23 Service Change – Downtown Street & Transit Changes

View our Downtown Street & Transit Changes Map to see new lane channelization on downtown streets, new PM peak bus volumes on downtown streets, and other impacts to downtown streets that will continue to change how we get around. These changes are a result of the March 23 service change, when all buses that use the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel will permanently move to city streets.

Changes to downtown streets include:

  1. Build the 5th/6th transit pathway and revise traffic signal timing.
  2. Shift Bus lane on Howell; add protected/permissive right-turn lane on Yale and add a queue jump for transit.
  3. Rechannelize Seattle Blvd (between 4th and 5th Avenue).
  4. 3rd Ave and Westlake Avenue All-Door Boarding.
  5. Alaskan Way Street lanes vary with Viaduct removal schedule. One lane remains open in each direction.