Northgate Park & Rides

Your portal for park & ride information and resources at the Northgate transit center.

Northgate Park and Ride updates as of January 9, 2020

Get downtown fast: Northgate Transit Center provides quick and easy access to downtown Seattle (approximately 30 min.) and the region. Convenient parking is available at multiple lots, or get there by biking, walking, carpooling, or vanpooling.

Hard to find parking in the past? Try again! More than 200 spaces are open and available all day every weekday at Sound Transit’s new Northgate Transit Center Garage and the Thornton Place Garage. It has never been easier to park and ride from Northgate.

North Seattle Park & Ride temporarily closing January 9th, 2020 and will remain closed through 2021 to accommodate construction of the new Northgate Pedestrian Bridge.

What buses can I take from the Northgate Transit Center?

You have lots of transit options to connect you to downtown Seattle and more! Click the links below for information on schedules and maps for each route.

Metro Route 26: (Express) Northgate TC to East Green Lake to Downtown Seattle

Metro Route 40: Northgate TC to Ballard to Fremont to Westlake to Downtown Seattle

Metro Route 41: Lake City to Northgate TC to Downtown Seattle

Metro Route 63: Northgate TC to Cherry Hill

Metro Route 67: Northgate TC to University District to Children’s Hospital

Metro Route 75: Northgate TC to Lake City to Sand Point to University District

Metro Route 303: Shoreline P&R to First Hill

Metro Route 345 (with 41 & 331): Shoreline Community College to Northgate TC (to Downtown Seattle)

Metro Route 346 (with 41): Aurora Village TC to Northgate TC (To Downtown Seattle)

Metro Routes 347 and 348: Richmond Beach to Mountlake Terrace TC to Northgate TC

Metro Route 995: Laurelhurst to Lakeside School

Sound Transit Express Routes 555, 556: Issaquah & Bellevue

Plan your route & find the best mode of transportation.

Check out Commute Seattle’s Commute Portal for trip planning, traffic alerts, and news & events.

Solo Driver or “Single Occupant Vehicle” (SOV) Permits

SOV permit applicants must use a valid ORCA card at least 12 days per month to board Sounder, ST Express, or a bus from the same station operated by King County Metro or Pierce Transit.

Apply for a permit

Carpool Permits

King County Metro permits allow groups of two or more commuters who regularly drive together to participating park & rides to catch transit, meet a vanpool, or another carpool to apply for carpool parking permits. Permits are free and allow permit holders to park in reserved parking areas on weekdays during the morning rush hour.

Apply for a King County Metro carpool permit

Sound Transit is offering free carpool parking permits to groups of two or more commuters who regularly drive together to catch the bus or train. Permits give you access to priority parking areas on weekdays when arriving with two or more transit riders in a vehicle during morning rush hours.

Apply for a Sound Transit carpool permit

Bike Parking

If you don’t need to take your bike along, park it where you catch your bus or train. Metro and Sound Transit have racks, lockers or cages at most transit centers, park & rides and rail stations. Bike lockers are secure and weather-protected for your bike and gear.

Learn about the locations you can store your bike:

On-demand lockers: Rent a bike locker on demand whenever you need it.

Long-term leased lockers: Lease a bike locker long-term to ensure your parking spot.

Northgate Pedestrian Bridge

A new, accessible, all ages and abilities pedestrian and bike bridge will be constructed over I-5 in Northgate. The Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge will improve access to communities, services, and opportunities on the east and west sides of I-5 in Northgate and Licton Springs.

The new bridge will land at North Seattle College on the west side and at 1st Ave NE and NE 100th St, near the Northgate light rail station, on the east side.

Learn more and sign up for construction updates