Reducing drive‐alone trips downtown.

Thank you to everyone who reconsidered your commute decisions during the three-week closure of SR 99 in January! Every little bit helps whether you shifted the hours you traveled or tried a different way of getting around, like taking the bus, biking, or riding the water taxi, your efforts helped keep travel times in check for travelers across the region. We encourage you to keep making informed and efficient travel choices, as well as continuing to shift your schedules when you can your efforts have truly made a difference.

Did you know that employees who occasionally work from home report greater work-life balance and are also more productive? And, if you’re working from home (or working longer days in a shorter week), then you’re not coming into downtown as often! This is just one of the strategies we’re working on that’s aimed at reducing the number of drive-alone trips into downtown. With fewer cars on the road, we’ll have more space to move buses, emergency vehicles, trucks, and people who cannot telework or don’t have an alternative to driving.

What we’ve done.

What we’re doing now.

Along with continuing our partnership with Commute Seattle, exploring first- and last-mile connection opportunities, and letting City of Seattle employees lead by example with alternative work schedules, we’re also moving forward with the following goals.

  • We’re implementing a communications strategy to reduce drive-alone trips among small business employees
  • We’re adopting new 2019–2023 Citywide Network and Center City Drive‐Alone Rate Goals. These goals will help guide our large employers’ efforts as we move through the duration of the Seattle Squeeze
  • We’ll be trying out innovative loading strategies in congested areas to reduce the pick‐up, drop‐off, and circulation impacts of rideshare companies
  • The Seattle Squeeze isn’t stopping development in Center City! As new developments come online, we’ll be working to make sure that Transportation Management Programs reflect the unique context of a growing downtown that just can’t accommodate too many more drive alone trips

Remember, every travel decision you make is important! Any time you consider an alternative to driving alone into downtown, you free up precious road space so that all of us can navigate the Seattle Squeeze together. One trip at a time, we can make a difference.