#SeattleSqueezeAlert: More Uniformed Police Officers on Downtown Streets March 25 – 27, 2019

To help keep transit moving during the first commute days of the buses coming out of the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, with the help of our partners at King County Metro and the Seattle Police Department, we’re placing uniformed police officers (UPOs) at key intersections downtown on weekday evenings.  

Beginning Monday, March 25, officers will help direct traffic, keeping bus lanes and intersections clear, and keeping cars, transit, and people moving. Officers will not override traffic signals; rather, they will ensure intersections are kept clear. This helps everyone traveling through Seattle at peak commute hours. 

Our traffic engineers worked closely with our partner agencies to identify the appropriate locations and number of officers staged.

Reminder: stay in your lane + don’t block the box.

  • Stay in your lane. If you’re not driving a bus, then you (generally) shouldn’t be in the transit lane. In some instances, you can hop into a bus lane to turn off the street, but for the most part, bus lanes are for buses, so please don’t use them to get around gridlock.

  •  Don’t block the box. Keep intersections clear. When you pull into an intersection, make sure you can clear it before the signal changes to a red light. Wait your turn. Don’t be that person who holds up traffic and blocks the crosswalk – it’s not safe for anyone involved, plus, it negatively impacts those with mobility challenges. Also, there’s nothing like being honked at and getting the warranted evil eye from people trying to cross the street.

Thanks for doing your part to help keep Seattle moving safely during the #SeattleSqueeze!