#ShoptheSqueeze: Support Downtown small businesses and win a $100 gift card!

We’re excited to announce Shop the Squeeze: a campaign to encourage travelers to visit small businesses Downtown during the Seattle Squeeze.

Driven primarily by weekly social media photo contests, we’re partnering with the Office of Economic Development to encourage shoppers to visit their favorite small businesses in Pioneer Square, Belltown, Chinatown-International District and the Downtown Retail Core via alternative transportation (bus, bike, Link light rail, train, Streetcar, ferry, walking — anything that eases traffic Downtown) and share their stories.

Every week, we’ll be giving away prizes like $100 pre-loaded ORCA cards and Visa gift cards to winning posts!

Our campaign mascots, Simon the Sasquatch and Pearl the Squirrel, will deliver family-friendly campaign messaging about important transit milestones, ideas for creative commuting, and photo contest details via social media, transit advertising, and our website.

A graphic of the Shop the Squeeze logo and a storefront

#ShoptheSqueeze rolled out Friday, March 15th and will continue at least for the remainder of 2019.

Please check out our partner kit, follow @SeattleEconomy on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and visit our website: seattle.gov/shopthesqueeze

*In case you missed it, the Seattle Squeeze is the period of transition Seattle faces over the next five years as public and private construction projects continue to challenge how we get around Downtown. While we made it through the SR 99 closure, the Squeeze is long from over. Major changes to our transportation system are still on the horizon—our next big impact will hit on March 23, when the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel becomes Link light rail-only and hundreds of buses will move up to our surface streets. With this campaign, we hope to keep people shopping and exploring Downtown in order to minimize the impacts of the remaining years of the #SeattleSqueeze on small businesses.