Travel Alert: Changes to 1st Ave N for Seattle Center Arena Construction

Sidewalk and curb lane changes are being installed on 1st Ave N and a few intersecting streets as part of the Seattle Center Arena Renovation project. These changes allow access for truck hauling and construction staging, maintaining transit service, and separating people riding bikes from large trucks.

Changes include:

  • Restricting parking and loading areas on 1st Ave N;
  • Adding loading zones and designated disabled spaces on surrounding streets;
  • Installing a temporary protected bicycle lane on the west side of 1st Ave N from Denny Way to Roy St;
  • Adding a new signal at 1st Ave N and Thomas St; and
  • Relocating the northbound transit stop from John St to south of Denny Way.

Here’s what you can expect:


Most parking and loading restrictions have begun along the west side of 1stAve N. The full signal will be turned on the week of June 24, and the roadway re-striping and the installation of the temporary protected bicycle lane will be complete prior to the beginning of July by the Seattle Arena team.

You may notice more activity at the site as demolition finishes and excavation begins in July, which will mean more large trucks and the start of nighttime work.


Most changes will be on 1st Ave N between Denny Way and Roy St.  See the map below for a full view of all of the changes on 1st Ave N.

Changes Coming to Parking and Loading on 1st Ave N and Surrounding Streets

Flyer: Changes Coming to Parking and Loading on 1st Ave N and Surrounding Streets


People biking northbound on 1st Ave N will use the new temporary protected bicycle lane on the west side of 1st Ave N.

Temporary Bike Lane on 1st Ave N With New Load Zones

New temporary protected bike lane on 1st Ave N


Be aware of sidewalk closures and use the new signal at 1st Ave N and Thomas St to cross safely.

New Traffic Signal at Thomas St and 1st Ave N

Traffic signal at 1st Ave N and Thomas St


Transit riders who normally use the temporary northbound John St stop will need to use stops either south of Denny Way or at Republican St.


If you’re driving through the area, please be aware of these changes and travel carefully. For those parking in the area, consider utilizing existing parking garages or lots in the area, or parking and loading on side streets. Two northbound vehicle travel lanes on 1st Ave N will remain open during construction.


The Seattle Center Arena is being redeveloped into a world-class arena, ready for professional hockey, basketball, and music. This project includes a new entry atrium, below grade expansion for additional seating and circulation, a below grade loading dock, vehicular tunnel and parking for up to 400 vehicles to be provided below grade.

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