Recovery and Return to Office (Summer 2021)

We have all been through a lot over the last year-and-a-half. The pandemic changed the way that we live and work in the city and region. For many Seattleites, it meant that daily commutes to downtown disappeared, virtual meetings replaced coffee and lunch outings, and online events substituted receptions, conferences, and gatherings.  

For others, in-person work continued. We want to thank our front-line workers, construction teams, mechanics and contractors who helped us make progress during the pandemic. Whether driving a bus, loading a ferry, or filling a pothole, many people on our teams kept working to keep you moving.   

We have been working to keep you safe whether you are walking, biking, rolling, scooting, driving, or taking transit. We have implemented safety improvements on our streets such as lowering the speed limits to increase safety and reduce crashes. And, our transit agencies have placed stringent cleaning protocols on all of our buses, trains and ferries.   

And now we’re excited to welcome you back to Downtown Seattle and the region, and the activities you need and want to do. But please keep in mind that the Seattle Squeeze isn’t over yet! There are big changes happening to your transportation networks this summer and fall (and beyond) and we want you to be prepared and ready for both long-term and short-term closures, including the West Seattle Bridgeweekend I-5 closures and a nearly one-month closure of the Montlake Bridge from August 8 through September 3.   

The good news is that we have travel options for you. It’s time to dust off that ORCA card! Transit has returned to allowing full capacity to get you where you need to go: busesferries and the water taxis are accepting full capacity for passengers now. In addition, Link light rail has increased service. But check before you ride – your bus service may be different than the last time you rode.   

Want to read the latest to be informed and prepared? Visit our Downtown Portal to learn more about what is happening now and the travel improvements that are in the works.